Multiple Teams · James Island Charter High School Volleyball COVID Procedures

James Island Charter High School COVID Procedures

Pre Event:

  1. If you have any COVID symptoms please stay home!!! Symptoms

  2. Tickets will be digital-only and must be ordered prior to entering the building. The link can be accessed via our athletic website: Go to the top right side of the page and click TICKETS.

  3. There will be limited ticketing available for each game.

  4. Temperature checks will be done at the door for all valid ticket holders.

  5. Mask should be worn at all times


  1. Home and Visting fans will be separated at all times during the event. Home fans will enter on the ride side of the gym entrance and Visiting fans will enter on the left side of the gym entrance.

       Visitors Side Door                          Home SideDoor

  1.  Once inside you will find restrooms located on the top floor and bottom floor of each side. The home side will have men’s restroom up top and women on the bottom floor. The visiting side will have women’s restroom up top and men’s bathroom on the bottom floor.

  1. Restrooms have a limit of three people at a time. Please return to your seat or wait for six feet from the door and wait for the next person to come out.

  2. Seats will be marked with Trojan Head stickers that will show you where to sit in your section.

During the Game:

  1. Mask should be worn at all times even when seated.

  2. All Home and Visiting fans should stay in their seats at all times unless going to the restroom.

  3. No standing at the rails or in the walkway for any reason at all.

  4. Once seated you should stay in that seat until the match is over. No one should move to any other seats or congregate with other fans.

  5. Making physical contact with your child during the event will not be allowed (unless there is an emergency). Contact with your child will need to be done outside the building.

Leaving the Game:

  1. Mask should remain on until you get outside and you are 6 feet away from others.

  2. You will exit the gym through the doors away from the entrance. You will follow the one-way signs along the railing.

3. Parents will not be allowed to go onto the gym floor to speak with players. They will need to exit the gym at the rear doors and walk to the front of the gymnasium and wait outside for their kids (unless there is an emergency).