announcement · Covid Letter to JICHS Athletics Fans

Dear Spectators,

James Island Charter Athletics is very excited to be allowed to host sporting events this fall and is extremely happy to allow fans into our stadium and gymnasium. The ending of the spring sports season this past year was devastating to coaches, players, and the entire athletic staff. We appreciate the South Carolina High School League (SCHSL) and the Charleston County School District (CCSD) for allowing us the opportunity to reopen our athletics, not only to our kids, but to you as well.

This decision doesn’t come without some responsibility and adherence to specific guidelines as it relates to the COVID virus. In order for us to continue to allow spectators at our events it is mandatory that everyone do their part. The SCHSL presented to the State Department documentation asking for a reprieve in allowing schools to go beyond the 250 person minimum set by the governor. The State Department was gracious enough to grant schools the ability to have more than 250 patrons in their stadiums as long as we followed guidelines.

Failure to follow proper guidelines could not only cause James Island Charter High School to close events to the public but could lead to CCSD and all members of the SCHSL to close their gates to spectators and possibly pause athletics. Guidelines can be very bothersome and irritating to follow, but the consequences of not being able to watch our athletes is too great to disregard the guidelines. Noncompliance would also devastate our athletes that love having their parents and fans in attendance to games.

I beg you all to be very grateful for the opportunity we have and to respect our Board of Directors, School Administration, and Athletic Administration and follow all COVID safety guidelines. We are all in this for our kids and we want to give them the best experience we can give them, so on behalf of everyone please do your part and follow the guidelines below for football games.

  1. Mask must be worn at all times entering the stadium/gymnasium until you are seated in your seat in the bleachers. This includes moving to and from the concession stand and/or bathrooms or any other area.
  2. No more than 3 people in restrooms at one time. While waiting in line, you must stand on designated areas to remain 6 ft. away from others.
  3. Visiting Fans and Home fans must stay on their own sides and enter separate gates and are not permitted to intermingle. Concessions and restrooms are located on both sides of the stadium.
  4. Standing and/or congregating at the stadium fence will not be permissible at any point, before, during, or after the contest. Parents are to exit the stadium or gym immediately after the contest.  Athletes will immediately return to the locker room at the conclusion of the contest.
  5. Fans must sit in designated areas marked in the bleachers. No one, including kids, can be roaming in the stadium and must remain with parents in designated seating areas.
  6. Anyone leaving the stadium will not be let back in without paying for another ticket
  7. All tickets will be sold online. No paper tickets will be sold to games. Click Tickets in top right corner.

Non Compliance will result in you being removed from the event with no refund and/or stoppage of the contest.



Jeremy Holland
Athletic Director James Island Charter High School