Multiple Teams · Home Basketball Information

Home Basketball tickets will be very limited this year. Tickets will go on sale the day before the home event at 10:00 am. Tickets will be sold in sections and there will be limited one person tickets. Tickets can be purchased on this link:

Fans must sit on stickers marked on the bleachers (see below).

  1. Spectators will be required to wear a mask for the entire vent.
  2. There will be no Student section. Students and kids must enter with their parents and sit with their parents.
  3. All Spectators will remain seated for the duration of the event as no walking around or standing will be permitted.
  4. Once the games are over spectators must leave the gymnasium as there will be no congregating on the floor after the games. Players will be released from the gymnasium after all spectators have exited the gymnasium. This includes visiting teams. Please exit the gymnasium as quickly as possible so we can release the teams. Please adhere to this rule for the safety of players and coaches.
  5. Concessions will not be available for the first contest but may be available after the first game.
  6. We are working on live streaming games for future games as well and could be ready after the first home game.

Thank you for your cooperation and Go Trojans!!!!!