Trojans News · New Booster Club Information and Officer Elections Information

Next year we will only have one Booster Club and will be getting away from multisports Booster Clubs. All officer positions are up for elections. If you want to help run the new Athletic Booster Club please sign up and run for one of our officer positions. Parent involvement is essential to running a good Booster Club so we need your help. The Atheltic Booster Club will be looking to raise money for larger purchases for teams and facilities as well as spending money on recognizing our athletes better. To run for office you must be a current Booster Member which you can pay for on Revtrack . If you want to join for next year, and not run for office, then please pay on July 1st of this year when membership dues come up again. Let’s all work together to make this one of the best Booster Clubs in the State!!! To see descriptions of officer duties and to run for office please click attached document.


Booster Announcement